There were quite a few ingredients that led Blue Iris to Pittsburgh, PA in the brisk New Year's snow, to record her first LP with Grant Carey himself. As a dear friend, as well as the catalyst for Iris taking her songs outside of the house, Grant produced Gardens with an intent to really bring the songs to life.

In her two final years of school, Iris had traveled all through Europe, while she studied in London for 4 months. Having to borrow a friend's guitar (missing a string, of course), she was finding any time she could to spill out whatever was happening within. The intimate calm of her words and voice can run through the veins of the melodies, and find their way back to familiar feelings in anyone. Through relationships, traveling, schooling, and creating, Iris reaches the end of a chapter with Gardens. Each seed tended to and a part of a larger whole, with potential to expand more and more. 

In this debut LP, the expansive mind of Grant from BIRDNOSE Audio, grew to all sorts of layers within each song. Using percussion, synths, piano, and bass, to mix magic into each piece; a flower bed of honesty. Gardens follows a conflicted journey through the search for self in lovers and others, the lessons found in mistakes, and the discovery of one's inner voice.

Already stoked for her next album, Blue Iris has moved into Bushwick, Brooklyn! Stationed here for the near and far future, she is co-writing with Aidan Boardman of Dreamt and is so excited to keep performing and recording her music in Brooklyn.

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Here are some sample sounds from Gardens:

Live Shows

The Haunt, Ithaca, NY - December 2016